"I'm in America, I say, and America is me". 

Sometimes people come in to the library looking for a particular book, but they can't remember the title or the author or anything but that fact that it was blue.  "America" is one such book. The customer who wanted "America" could only remember that the book have eyes on it. After some more discussion he remembered that it was a young adult novel and thought that it was called "Belonging". We still couldn't find it and resorted to using Novelist and typing in a half-plot. Eventually, we look through enough pictures that we were able to discover it.  We found another library that had the book and I put it on hold for the customer.  At that point I was so invested in the book that I put it on hold for myself as well. 

"America" is a tough book. It takes place in a rehab facility  and flashes back over the course of America's life. America is a bi-racial teenager who has grown up with an unstable mother, a variety of foster care placements, and kind, but elderly adoptive mother. All of these lead him to a place of great confusion and a desire to belong, but not the skills to know how to belong. The library customer's mis-rememberance of the library as "Belonging" was very apt. Much of the book centers around his relationship with his therapist who he eventually comes to trust.   

I felt a lot of compassion for America and it was a very eye-opening book. I would definitely recommend it!



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