"Hens will be 19-20 weeks before they begin laying eggs."

This book is an interesting look at how chickens are regulated throughout the United States as well as a good beginner's guide to hen-keeping. Anderson is a local Boise author and chicken farmer.  Since we've decided to get some chickens this seemed to be the perfect book to read and blog about. 

First, we learned that they need to be in a brooder box with easily accessible food and water. Then we learned that they didn't really like going outside when they are little.  Now that they are 9 weeks old, we've discovered that they like their coop and that we still have awhile before they will be laying eggs. 

Then we learned that the didn't really like to go outside when they were little. They preferred the dog kennel!

So far, the experience has been fun and I'm looking forward to getting an egg of my own:)



05/30/2012 11:59


Thank you for the shout out. Your coop looks fabulous! I should say, that "Hens will be 19-20 weeks before they begin laying eggs" is for the earliest laying breeds like, RIR and Leghorns. If you have other breeds, you'll have to wait a few more weeks. But, I'll tell you it's like Christmas morning when you get your first eggs!

Your friend in chickens,


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