"Watch your topknot
Watch your'n."

I love the movie Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford.  I've watched it multiple times and it strikes me as independent, daring, and fills me with a desire to live on my own on a mountain.  So, when I realized that Jeremiah Johnson is actually based on the book Mountain Man by Vardis Fisher, you can imagine my excitement. I couldn't believe my luck, I could read one of the possibilities for next years Read Me and relive my favorite moments from the movie. 

I was sorely disappointed in Mountain Man.  The depictions of Native Americans are racist and contain sweeping generalizations.  I found the descriptions to be somewhat boring and cliched. 

Maybe it was because I had gone into it with such high expectations, but the book was definitely a let down.  I'm glad I read it because I've always felt that I needed to read a Vardis Fisher since I'm from Idaho, but I don't feel like I need to read another one of his books. Life's too short. 



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