"In the summer of 1917 Robert Grainier took part in an attempt on the life of a Chinese laborer caught, or anyway accused of, stealing from the company stores of the Spokane International Railway in the Idaho Panhandle". 

Train Dreams is a short book that I've thought of many times since I finished it. The writing is beautiful; clear and concise. The story begins with an attempted murder and then centers on the life of one of the men involved in the attempted murder.  Robert Grainier's wife and young child die shortly following this and then tragedy after tragedy befalls him.  The reader is left to wonder is it because of the attempted murder. What exactly are the consequences of our actions? 

Train Dreams also contains vivid depictions of the Northern Idaho mining camps and the men who lived in them. It was one of three finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and I think it would have been an excellent choice.   I would recommend this one!



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